FMIP - Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program

Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program Workshop 2019

Workshop Information

Workshop Information

The Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program holds a yearly workshop at various locations throughout the state of California to assist applicants with licensing, registration, the product database, and reporting form completion. Individual time is offered to ask specific questions of inspection and registration staff. Appointments are encouraged for the first day of the workshop, though walk-ins are welcome. The second day of the workshop is comprised of break-out sessions. There are four one-hour presentations (further detailed below) which are repeated four times. This allows for small groups to attend each presentation.

Conventional Licensing & Registration

This session discusses the licensing process and licensing requirements as well as label registration. Detailed information is provided regarding labeling requirements and the label review process.

Data Review & Inspections

This session will cover efficacy data requirements for label claims, as well as fertilizing material inspections.

OIM Registration

This session includes specific information regarding the organic input material registration process and application requirements.

Inspect Database, Mill Assessment, Tonnage Reports

This sessions covers the FFDLRS Database and how to maneuver within the system. New user registration, how to submit electronic applications, payment options, and resubmitting records are included in the presentation. The session also provides detailed information on completing the quarterly mill assessments and semi-annual tonnage reports.